Hello Design Cheer

I recently started a new inspiration blog, Hello Design Cheer.

It is an inspiration blog featuring lots of great design, fashion, decor and style. I’m taking a break from blogging here to dedicate more time to Hello Design Cheer.



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Oh What A Week

This week has been full of highs and lows. But we’re on vacation next week so I’m a happy girl today!


  • Having a three-day weekend totally spent with my hubby
  • Going out to dinner because our kitchen is torn apart
  • Getting a new kitchen and bathroom floors installed
  • Hanging out with friends and their sweet baby
  • Getting my Warby Parker sample glasses in the mail
  • Having lunch with a special friend I haven’t seen in a while
  • Looking forward to vacation next week
  • Listening to awesome sermons while I work


  • Crap at work leaving me feeling super bad and disrespected
  • Not having a bathroom for an entire day while I worked from home (this meant that I didn’t eat or drink anything on Wednesday!)
  • Ripping up floors and having our house torn apart
  • Stressing about getting a project done at the day job
  • Hubby’s car stereo not working in time for a five-hour drive next week

These necklaces are a great Friday morning pick me up! I love jewelry like this that adds some pizzazz to an outfit. 


Via Zuckermonarchie Blog. Buy ’em here.

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Packaging Matters

I am a believer that something that is packaged beautifully must taste better, last longer and be a better product than something generic. Might just be my wishful thinking though. As I’m working on designing a logo and other materials for a local meat and deli market stand, I’m ohhing and ahhing over great designs for packaging to get the ideas flowing.

No. 1: Ship & Anchor
No. 2: Lovely Package
No. 3: Mint Design
No. 4: The Dieline

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Backyard Garden

I never thought I would enjoy having a backyard garden as much as I do. Yesterday, for the first time this summer, I sat out back and just enjoyed the great weather and the beauty of God’s creation.

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Creative Wedding Details

I’m totally digging these wedding details I found on Martha Stewart Weddings today.

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Perfect Summer Look

To celebrate the first day of summer, I found the perfect
summer outfit from J. Crew.

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Oh Joy Wallpaper

I’m officially obsessed with this wallpaper from Oh Joy. I’ve been seeing it on a ton of blogs lately and it looks awesome in any room.

Source Image

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Pretty Doll on Etsy

I can’t wait for this precious plush doll to arrive on Friday. I know a little one year old who will be excited to play with her!

Goodbye Blue Monday on Etsy makes these awesome plush dolls.
(But their store is closed at the moment for them to catch up on orders)

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Pinterest Picks

I love Pinterest. It’s so great for cataloging inspiration for special projects and blogging. You can follow my pins and boards here.

Take a look at some of my latest pins:

Evian Water / Watch / Hand Soap / LC / Tshirt / Milk

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