AIGA’s Advice for Emerging Designers

Another great “article” from AIGA. Since I graduateda few years ago, I haven’t lost my desire to learn and AIGA helps me satisfy that craving.

“Building a career is not something that happens overnight. It requires patience and tenacity, and it involves more than raw talent. A career demands an overarching curiosity about the world and how things work, topped off with well-honed people skills. And, come to think of it, raw talent doesn’t hurt.”

After School Special: Advise for Emerging Designers

1. Theory AND practice.
2. Develop great habits.
3. Be positive.
4. Learn to write.
5. Work harder.
6. Ignore the naysayers.
7. Make it better.
8. Get involved.
9. Be kind.
10. Have passion.
11. Don’t lie.

The one that hit me the most today, is number 7, “Make it better.”  That actually convicted me a bit about my behavior. Sometimes when I “finish” a project and like it, I stop. Instead AIGA suggests that you go back, scrutinize it, study it and change it. I’m going to challenge my self to do that today! I’m working on promotional pieces for The Chamber’s upcoming Job Fair, and I will open the doc. back up and take a closer look.


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