Wedding Album Design Process

I love working with other creatives. Photographers are often some of my favorites to collaborate with – especially on wedding album designs. Not all photographers are designers and this is where a great working relationship can be built. With a background in layout, a knowledge of how white space compliments images, a love for grids and an eye for visually telling a story through images, I can provide unique wedding album designs for all styles of photographers.

Here’s a little bit about my process:

1. Become a client. Simply fill out the contact form on the website or send me an email at Once I create an account for you, along with an FTP page, we are ready to go.

2. Choose the design style. Every photographer and every bride for that matter has a different design aesthetic. In order to provide our photographer clients with the best possible albums, there are three album design styles to choose from.

a. Oneleven Signature album design

b. Color Block album design

c. Rich & Layered album design

3. Upload your photographs. Once you’ve chosen your album design style, it’s time to upload your photographs. The most effective way to label your photos is in chronological order. Please separate your images into two different folders – “include” and “extras.” All of the “include” images will be featured in the album and any “extras” will be included in any area where it would enhance the album. Shoot me an email when your photos are uploaded, along with other album details such as number of spreads, size and album type.

4. Relax. Your work is over after your files are uploaded. You worked hard enough to take the photographs and edit them and now it is your turn to relax. Take this time to work on your business plan, market yourself, research other top-notch photographers, learn a new editing technique or simply living your life. Needless to say, you can trust Oneleven Wedding to produce an album that will wow your client and show-off you images in their best possible light.

5. Review the album. After two business weeks, you will receive an email that your first proof album files are ready to be reviewed. You can download the high resolution jpgs or pdfs from your FTP page and review them with your client. Next, fill out the revision form and email it to me.

6. Download final album files. In about five business days, I will send you an email letting you know that your final album files are ready to be downloaded from the FTP site.

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