Oh What A Week

This week has been full of highs and lows. But we’re on vacation next week so I’m a happy girl today!


  • Having a three-day weekend totally spent with my hubby
  • Going out to dinner because our kitchen is torn apart
  • Getting a new kitchen and bathroom floors installed
  • Hanging out with friends and their sweet baby
  • Getting my Warby Parker sample glasses in the mail
  • Having lunch with a special friend I haven’t seen in a while
  • Looking forward to vacation next week
  • Listening to awesome sermons while I work


  • Crap at work leaving me feeling super bad and disrespected
  • Not having a bathroom for an entire day while I worked from home (this meant that I didn’t eat or drink anything on Wednesday!)
  • Ripping up floors and having our house torn apart
  • Stressing about getting a project done at the day job
  • Hubby’s car stereo not working in time for a five-hour drive next week

These necklaces are a great Friday morning pick me up! I love jewelry like this that adds some pizzazz to an outfit. 


Via Zuckermonarchie Blog. Buy ’em here.


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