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Packaging Matters

I am a believer that something that is packaged beautifully must taste better, last longer and be a better product than something generic. Might just be my wishful thinking though. As I’m working on designing a logo and other materials for a local meat and deli market stand, I’m ohhing and ahhing over great designs for packaging to get the ideas flowing.

No. 1: Ship & Anchor
No. 2: Lovely Package
No. 3: Mint Design
No. 4: The Dieline


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Fun Infographics

Over the past few days I’ve been researching infographics and searching the web for some of the best and most creative. I’m working on a personal project featuring infographic-type designs. Can’t wait to reveal it on here in the next few weeks.

But for now, check out some of these great infographics:

No. 1: FPO

No. 2 & 3: Good Magazine

No. 4: Flickr via Pinterest

No. 5: Fast Companies

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Lately on blogs and etsy I’ve seen tons of new ways to make your wedding envelopes stand out. But by far one of my favorite new trends is the return address stamp. This isn’t your typical office stamp, but can be created especially to fit your wedding or party theme.

I’m thinking of buying one of these just because they are so lovely. It might even inspire me to send more handwritten notes.

first, MaeMae Paperie blog; second, Lettergirl etsy shop; third Primele Etsy shop

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Typography Can Make or Break Your Design

Typography is an essential part of a great design. The arrangement of the type, font choice, leading and kerning can create visual interest in incredible ways. These invitations almost make me want to get married again, but this time on a ranch.

I found these invitations from Hello Lucky and instantly fell in love with them.

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