Unexpected Room Divider

Using a window shade is an awesome way to divide a room. I could see this working in an open work space or dividing an at-home office from a living room. Have I mentioned before how much I love Apartment Therapy?!


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Anniversary Weekend Unplugged

Happy Monday morning! I’m feeling particularly re-energized after spending a long weekend deep in the woods of Tioga County at a friend’s cabin that sits on 100 acres to celebrate two blissful years of marriage. My hubby and I spent time four-wheeling, exploring, reading, sitting by the fire, sleeping in, and talking about ways we can improve our marriage, along with all the great things we’ve done in our first two years as husband and wife. It was great to unplug and take some time to reflect on how busy we can make our lives without ever really getting a chance to Sabbath.

I’m starting this week off with great perspective and energy. Bring it on Monday!

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Lemon, Spring Green and Khaki

This is the most glorious color combination that works perfectly for a low-key spring or summer wedding. The subtle colors compliment the colors found in nature. I’ve never seen a park picnic table look so enchanting.

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Letterpress Awesomeness

I stumbled across this awesome and creative letterpress studio on Esty, 1canoe2. Take a minute to check out their sweet illustrations and great colors. I especially love the president print.

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Outside Charm

This is where I would love to be right now. And eating lunch there because I’m starving!

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Colors of Nepal

This makes me want to go back to Nepal!

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Table Setting

This table setting diagram from Mrs. Lilien is so handy. But I don’t think I’m going to start setting our dinner table like this just for the 2 of us.

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Taking the Advice of the Experts Part 2

Here are the other 4 traits of a successful freelancer from Creative, Inc.
If you missed the first 5 traits you can check them out here.  

6. Good Communication Skills“It’s essential for you to inspire and persuade your client with words, whether written or in conversation.”
I think I’m a pretty good communicator, but I do tend to rush through my emails and maybe not be clear enough because I’m not taking the time to be thorough. But when it comes to inspiring clients, I can easily translate my vision for them through explaining it both through writing or spoken word.

7. An ability to Handle Criticism and Rejection“Your work won’t always be a slam-dunk, so be ready to digest less-than-enthusiastic reviews sometimes.”
Ooh, this one is a tough one for a young designer. But as time goes on, I become more comfortable with criticism as I gain more confidence in my ability to adapt and communicate with clients. On a fairly recent project, I came up with only one logo idea when I typically do a handful because I was so confident in the design. But the client wasn’t as excited about it as I was and I took it in stride and went back to the drawing board. Now we have an awesome logo that I’ll be sharing in the next few months.

8. A Positive Attitude and Professional Demeanor“A good attitude is priceless…clients don’t respond well to people who get easily upset or let unexpected situations ruin their day.” 
I’m still super excited to get to do graphic design and work with clients. I think my gratefulness for getting to practice my craft leads me to have a positive attitude and regard clients highly.

9. Good Work Habits“Stay focused on business by making a list of tasks to accomplish every day. You have to be self-motivated, because only you can set the bar for your skill and output.”
I am a task-oriented person and love my daily to-do list. I typically create my list of things to accomplish early in the morning or even the night before then take a few minutes to pray over my list and ask God to help me accomplish the things I need to for the day. I’m also fortunate that I have a very encouraging and helpful husband who helps to keep me focused.

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New Quote Postcard Series

I’m producing a new quote series of postcards! Who doesn’t love Charles Spurgeon?!

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Vintage Seal Wedding Invitation

I’m working on creating a Oneleven signature line of wedding invitations and hope to have 12 sets finished by the end of the summer. I have finished a couple and have them listed on Etsy. Take a peek at my most recent design.



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