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So, if you haven’t noticed, I’m terrible at keeping this blog up-to-date. As I have been thinking about easier ways to provide new content, I decided to make this blog about my journey as a 25 year old starting her own business documenting my struggles, successes, fears and of course design work.

Yellow Lights Invitation from Etsy Shop

While I still plan on sharing beautiful things that I come across, this will most often be updated with stories from my life while starting up Oneleven Creative.

On that note, I have one exciting thing to share – last week I started my Etsy shop. I only have four invitations currently posted but am planning to add more each week.

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Beauty in White

Snow has been the talk of the town lately. This past weekend Lancaster, PA got slammed with nearly 2 feet of white snow. After just digging out, we are now expecting another 18 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow. I realized that my favorite  thing about snow is how it blankets everything in the color white. Here are some other white things I love.

Balloons, Swirly Sign, Typography Scarf, Letterpress Invitation

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Coffee Kind of Afternoon

This afternoon requires coffee. I’ve been busy working on desiging an annual report and a publication for newcomers to the Lancaster area. I wish I had one of these coffee cozies for my lovely cup of coffee – my mug feels naked.

from ScissorStich on Etsy

from onaroll on Etsy

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